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Welcome to Driver Education. This course covers the curriculum set forth by The State of New Hampshire and as such is subject to the following rules and regulations:

Incidents involving drug or alcohol use or possession by a student during scheduled course hours will be reported to the department of safety and will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the driver’s education program.

Students will also be removed from the program for behavioral issues, insufficient attendance,unapproved absence or multiple driving cancellations due to conflicts with other activities. Cell phone useage by students is prohibited in the classroom and in the car. Driving Solutions reserves the right to move students into a future session. Re-Enrollment fees may apply.

To enroll in a session, students must be 15 years and 9 months of age, on or before the first scheduled classroom session in which they are enrolled. Students must provide a photocopy of an original birth certificate or passport.

30 Hours of Classroom Instruction No classroom instruction shall be missed during the course except for good cause which is only illness, injury, or family emergency. Students absent for a job, sport, band, cheer, etc will be dropped from the class. Absences for good cause may not exceed 4 hours. Any missed classroom instruction shall be documented by a parental note and must be approved by the classroom instructor. Students cannot arrive late or leave early. Any approved absence must be made up with an assignment to cover the missed material. The first and last class are mandatory and cannot be excused.

10 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction Students will receive a written schedule for 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. Each student will drive no more than 2 hours each week. Students are accepted into the program based on the driving availability provided at registration. Minor changes that alter their availability to drive such as a doctor or dentist appointment should be communicated 3 weeks in advance. Major changes that alter their availability to drive such as signing up for a sport, job, etc will not be accepted.

6 Hours In Car Driving Observation Students will receive at least 6 hours of driving observation in the driver education vehicle. Therefore, students and parents can expect each in car lesson to last approximately 2 hours. Parents are responsible for providing transportation.

Parental Involvement

Parent(s) are required to join students the last 30 minutes of the first class. Attendance is mandatory. In addition to a formal driver education program, students under the age of 18 are required to complete 40 hours of practice driving with a licensed 25 year old driver. Students are expected to practice their driving skills each week in order to make sufficient progress.

Notification of any conflicts related to driving schedule or classroom attendance must come from a parent. This includes students who are absent from school due to illness, injury, etc. Fees may apply if cancellation of a driving lesson is less than 24 hours.

Successful Course Completion

Students who have satisfactorily completed the course will receive a certificate of completion. Please note-certificate of completion will not be issued until any account balance is paid. Satisfactory completion consists of: Attending 30 hours of classroom instruction Achieving a classroom grade of 80% or higher Completing 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction Completing 6 hours of driving observation Resolving any outstanding fees

Unsuccessful Course Completion

Incomplete-Student exceeded maximum hours of approved absences from class and/or failed to complete driving/observation hours. Student may enroll in another like course. Re-enrollment fees may apply.

Dropped-Student dropped from program due to behavioral issues,unapproved absence from class or multiple missed/cancelled driving lessons. Student may apply to enroll in another like course. Re-enrollment fees will apply.

Fail-Student has not sucessfully completed class with an overall grade of at least 80%. Student may apply to enroll in another like course. Re-enrollment fees will apply.

Grading Policy

Nightly homework assignments pass/fail 10% grade Quizzes percentage grade 40% Final written exam percentage grade 50% In vehicle instruction complete/incomplete Students must achieve an overall grade of at least an 80% to pass course. Students will be given an additional opportunity to retake quizzes and final exam.

Tuition and Fees Tuition Due by 1st Class Date: Returned Check Fee: $25. Missed Driving Lesson: $40. Repeated Tardiness for Driving: $40. Certificate Replacement: $25.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Tuition and fees are nonrefundable. If you question the student’s ability to make driver education a priority for the next several weeks, please consider postponing enrollment.
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